Exhibitor application guideline  

*The link to the entry form is at the bottom of the page. 


Art Book Osaka 2024 
Date: Saturday, May 18 - Sunday, May 19, 2024 11:00-18:00 
Venue: Seaside Studio CASO 2-7-23 Kaigan-dori, Minato-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 
Admission: [Advance] ¥700 (tax included) [At the door] ¥1,000 (tax included) [Students] ¥500 (*Present your student ID card at the door) 
Free admission for elementary school students and younger, and persons with disabilities (including one caregiver). 
Organized by: Art Book Osaka Executive Committee 
Cooperation: Art Tokku (Daishinsha Delight Co., Ltd.) 

<Conditions for Exhibitors>

○Any individual or group that publishes art-related books*1 (including zines) (including self-published books) regardless of age, nationality, genre, or professional/amateur status. 
Any corporation or group of corporations such as publishers, galleries, bookstores, etc. that deal in books*1 related to art regardless of genre.  
Exhibitors are required to set up and take down their own booths.  
Exhibitors are also responsible for their own sales. Therefore, no fees will be charged for sales during the exhibition.  
Exhibitors must have a person in charge of the booth during the exhibition period. 
Exhibitors are responsible for the production costs of sales and exhibits, as well as exhibitor transportation and packing costs.  
Exhibitors must exhibit for two days; exhibiting for only one day will not be accepted.  
○In addition to art-related books, merchandise (stickers, postcards, T-shirts, etc.) related to the artist's work may be sold in the booth. However, exhibiting only goods is not allowed. Books and goods that are extremely offensive to public order and morals may not be sold or displayed. 
*1 Art Book Osaka's definition of an art-related book is a "book" that contains works of art and commentary by artists in the form of a collection of works or a zine. Art books include paintings, photographs, three-dimensional works, illustrations, designs, texts, etc., which are published to convey the world view that the artist wishes to express. There are no rules regarding the shape, size, number of pages, or price of the book. 

<Entry Fee> 

Type A 
One table <1800mm x 450mm >  
Foldable chairs <max. 3 chairs>  
22,000 Japanese yen (tax included/full 2 days)  

Type B 
One table <1800mm x 450mm>  
Foldable chairs <max. 3 chairs>  
With wall use <width: 1800mm, height: 2500mm>   
27,500 Japanese yen (tax included/full 2 days)  

Type C
Two tables <1800mm x 450mm x 2 >   
Foldable chairs <max. 6 chairs>  
44,000 Japanese yen (tax included/full 2 days)  

Type D
Two tables <1800mm x 450mm x 2 >  
Foldable chairs <max. 6 chairs>  
With wall use <width 3600mm, height 2500mm>.   
55,000 Japanese yen (tax included/full 2 days)  


*If there are too many requests for B and D type booths (booths with wall space), we may ask you to change to A and C (booths with tables only).   
*In the case of C and D type booths, tables will be placed horizontally.   
*Individuals, groups, corporations, and organizations are issued a maximum of 3 staff passes for Types A and B, and a maximum of 6 passes for Types C and D.  

<About the use of booths (tables) and walls> 

*Display furniture may be placed freely within 100cm from the front of the table. 
* Display furniture, including cloths, may be placed on the tabletops. 
*Please do not place Display furniture next to the tables or in the aisles. 
*In the case of the wall use type, only pushpins and thumbtacks may be used to display on the walls, as the walls of the building itself are used. Nails and screws are not allowed. Only weak adhesive tape may be used. Hanging exhibits from the ceiling is prohibited. 

<How to Apply> 

Please apply through the entry form. (A google account is required.)  ※Entry period has ended.
The deadline for entry is Monday, February 12, 2024. Entries received after the deadline will not be accepted.  
After submitting the entry form, the Art Book Osaka Executive Committee will send you an e-mail to confirm that your entry has been received. If you do not receive an e-mail within 5 days after submitting the entry form, please contact the Art Book Osaka Executive Committee by e-mail (info@artbookosaka.com). Please make sure that you can receive emails from info@artbookosaka.com in advance. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder. 
○You can also use one booth as a group with multiple artists. In this case, a representative must be designated and fill in the required information. If you are selected as an exhibitor, please pay the entry fee in the name of the representative. 
Information including images submitted on the entry form may be used publicly on the web and various social networking services for the purpose of promoting Art Book Osaka. Please consider this beforehand before submitting your information.  
If you would like to cancel your entry, please contact the Art Book Osaka Executive Committee by e-mail (info@artbookosaka.com) from the email address you entered in the entry form. 

<About Exhibitor Decisions> 

Please note that the completion of the entry process does not mean that you have been selected as an exhibitor. 
The Art Book Osaka executive committee will send you a "Notice of Decision to Exhibit" by e-mail at the end of February 2024. Please refrain from announcing your participation on social networking sites until you have been selected to exhibit. 
In the case of many applicants, the Art Book Osaka executive committee will select the exhibitors. In the interest of fairness, we will not disclose the reasons for the selection of exhibitors. 
The final decision will be made after the payment of the entry fee (by bank transfer) is confirmed. The bank account for the bank transfer will be provided with the "Notice of Decision to Exhibit". If you are applying from outside Japan and do not have a Japanese bank account, we will consider other payment methods. 

<Cancellation of the exhibition after the decision to exhibit has been made> 

If payment is not confirmed by the due date, your exhibit will be cancelled. 
Cancellation of an exhibit cannot be made except in unavoidable circumstances. 
Cancellation by the exhibitor after the entry fee has been paid will not be refunded. 
In the case that Art Book Osaka is postponed or cancelled due to natural disasters or other unavoidable circumstances, please wait for a notice from the Art Book Osaka executive committee. 


○Cars can be brought in. Parking is limited to temporary parking at the unloading area. After unloading, please use coin-operated parking lots in the neighborhood. 
Exhibitors will be notified of the details of exhibiting, loading/unloading, and setup as soon as they are decided. 
Since this English application guideline is a translation of the Japanese one, correct information is based on the Japanese application guideline. 
Please be sure to check our Privacy Policy. 
Please be sure to check for the clauses on the exclusion of organized crime groups.